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Ironlak JUMBO 15mm Paint Marker

Ironlak JUMBO 15mm Paint Marker

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Sometimes when you’re working on an illustration you need a tool that’s flexible. Something that can tackle any number of surfaces – from fabric to skateboard decks to glass, and everything in-between. Ironlak Pump Action Paint Markers are specifically designed with these applications in mind. With a custom designed valve system that allows for a controlled variable output, they’re the perfect tool for expressing yourself. Pump Action Paint Markers are available in a variety of nib options, from 1mm to 15mm – so you use them for everything from fine detailing to broad flowing strokes. The proprietary water based paint formula used is loaded heavily with pigments, meaning that the wide variety of colors available cover smoothly and vibrantly. While the small form factor of the Ironlak Pump Action Paint Marker means that you can take them with you easily – allowing for creativity on the move.

Water Based Acrylic Paint – Color with confidence

The Ironlak Pump Action Paint Marker employs our specially designed Ironlak Fluid water based acrylic paint – a free-flowing paint that utilizes a smaller pigment particle size for optimum coverage. The inclusion of a high quality resin allows paint to flow smoothly – affording you the best possible coverage on your surface of choice. Whether filling colors with a broad 15mm nib, or adding miniscule details to a piece of illustration – the paint will apply clean. Ironlak Pump Action Paint Markers are also fully compatible with both Ironlak and Sugar Artists’ Acrylic aerosol products, so you can create mixed media masterpieces with confidence.

Pump Action Valve System – Flow freely

To ensure that you get the best possible performance from your Ironlak Pump Action Paint Marker, we designed the Pump Action valve. This output system allows an adjustable paint flow across a variety of surfaces and application techniques. Press firmly for free-flowing color applications, or dash lightly for metered strokes. Whatever your desired effect, the valve will accommodate by metering the amount of paint passing through to the nib – ensuring clean and crisp applications. This makes the Ironlak Pump Action Paint Marker perfect for application on a wide variety of smooth surfaces. From porcelain to steel, terracotta to canvas – we’ve got you covered.

UV Resistant – Serious staying power

The paint in our markers is designed to withstand the elements – whether that means rain, hail, shine or just knowing that your studio works will hold up in the archives. We used UV-stable, professional artist-grade pigments, to ensure that your work will last. Additionally, the resin compound contributes to a paint film that further protects your work when exposed to inclement elements – adding a degree of elasticity that’s crucial for application on surfaces that are prone to expand and contract. We believe creativity is important, and that’s why we do everything in our power to ensure that your work has the longevity to be preserved well into the future.

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