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JAG Markal "J" Split Marker

JAG Markal "J" Split Marker

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JAG Markal Splits are hand made in the US. Each JAG Markal J PaintStik Split is carefully sliced in two and then heat fused back together. These industrial strength markers will write on almost any surface including; greasy, wet, rusty, rough, smooth, plywood, metal, concrete, rock, glass, dirty, grassy and more. High heat tolerance ensure they will not melt in your pocket and hold firm while writing. 

  •  Solidified Paint Stick
  •  Reliable
  •  Most Surfaces
  •  Wood, Glass, Brick, Concrete, Metal, Rust, Paper, Canvas - Many Surface!
  •  Weather and Fade Resistant
  •  Industrial Strenght

Note: Heat fusion is an added bonus that we do beyond what other manufactures do, if marker comes seperated it will not effect marking and can be used normally. 

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