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Soft "Blue Dot" Shading/Fade Cap

Soft "Blue Dot" Shading/Fade Cap

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The Blue Soft Cap is the stock cap on Flame Blue. This cap excels at fading for a perfect fill. It is a low pressure cap with lots of intentional dust to help blend your piece.

Trusted MTN (Montana Colors) quality

These caps fit female spray paint cans, such as: 

  • MTN Colors
  • Montana Cans
  • Flame
  • Belton 
  • Ironlak 
  • Loop
  • Krink
  • Acme
  • Double-A
  • Clash
  • and other “European-Style” cans. 

If you have a question if these caps will fit your can, please send a picture of your can to us with the brand name and we will tell you.


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