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Improved for 2024 FEMALE Adapter and Male Caps Pack (22pc)

Improved for 2024 FEMALE Adapter and Male Caps Pack (22pc)

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Save your cans, and your time fumbling around for the right cap, this set makes it easy with 2 adapter types that replace all the fuss of finding the correct cap. Solving the problem that we all face, clogged and missing nozzles. 

22pc set comes with 1 Kyrlon (Uprok Grey adapter) and 1 Rust-oleum (Uprok Blue adapter), includes 20pcs of spray paint caps with a variety of spray patterns. Male caps included in package with adapters that will convert male cans to female cans. 

Compatible brands include, but are not limited to: 

  • Uprok Blue Adapter Fits:
    • Rust-Oleum Stops Rust
    • Rust-Oleum 2x
    • Rust-Oleum High Performance Enamel
    • Krylon Fusion
    • Rust-Oleum Painters Touch
    • Rust-Oleum American Accents
  • Uprok Grey Adapter Fits:
    • Krylon Colormaxx
    • Kyrlon Rust Tough
    • Krylon ColorMaster
    • Rust-Oleum Turbo
    • Rust-Oleum Universal
    • Behr
    • Killz
    • Madmaxxx
  • Male Caps Fit:
    • Ironlak
    • Molotow
    • MTN
    • Montana
    • Flame
    • Double A
    • DANG
    • ACME
    • Krink
    • Loop
    • 360
    • One Take
    • Kobra
    • and other European style female valves
  • OG Rusto Fats and Boston Style Caps Fit:
    • Female Valve Rust-Oleum Cans
    • Color Spot/ Color Place
    • Quick Color
    • Project Source
    • Glidden 

To attach adapter place the cap firmly on the adapter first so there is no gap, then place the adapter onto the male valve stem, this will be a tight fit so you may need to rotate it on the stem, the tight fit ensures no leakage and loss of pressure. 

This set has a cap for nearly every can on the market*

*Ace brand cans will not work with this pack.

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