Uni, POSCA, and Mitsubishi Pencil Company what gives?

We have been asked again and again about this. "Uni", "Uni-Ball", POSCA, and Mitsubishi Pencil Company ARE the SAME company. 

The Uni-Mitsubishi Pencil Company was founded in in 1887 in Japan originally named Masaki Pencil Manufacturing Company and renamed after WWII. Their brand names and product offerings vary based on countries they are sold in but they are all one company. We sell worldwide which is why we use these names interchangeably sometimes. 

"Whoa whoa whoa, the car company makes markers?"

No even though the NAMES and SYMBOLS are the SAME they are not affiliated in any way. The 3 diamond logo that both Mitsubishi Motor Company and Mitsubishi Pencil Company use is what would commonly be considered a family crest or "kamon".

"Hold up, explain more"

Imagine putting your name on a product, but someone else has the same name and puts it on theirs, its that simple. The companies have not seen a reason to change it. 

"Okay okay, but POSCA, UNI, UNI-Ball, Mitsubishi, are different companies, the UNI Paint PX-30 isn't the same as the Mitsubishi PX-30 they don't look the same!"

The outer labeling may be different but they are the same, use them and you will see. Mitsubishi PX-30 is name on the ones sold in Japan, these have Japanese writing on the marker, and UNI Paint PX-30 is the name on the English label, it's a rebranding. 


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