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MTN Hardcore ROYGBIV (High Pressure)

MTN Hardcore ROYGBIV (High Pressure)

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Reds, Pinks, Oranges, Yellows, Greens, Blues, Indigos, and Violets found here. 


The format that revolutionized the graffiti world continues to undergo constant evolution in order to fulfill the market's demands. Thanks to Montana Colors' experience in the field, Hardcore comprises maximum aerosol paint development, making it one of the best performing gloss spray paints on the market.
Intensified color to the nth degree. The power of Hardcore doesn't just reside in its high pressure which guarantees a unified output until the end. The range of 109 shades it offers encompasses a wide spectrum of intense colors whose gloss finish makes them more striking.

Due to its fast-drying, good hardening, and durable characteristics, this tool par excellence in the graffiti community is also a valid product for domestic, industrial and artistic uses where the properties of high-quality paint are required.

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112 Colors - Gloss Paint - High Pressure - Perfect Coverage - Intense Colors - Ultra Fast Drying - Synthetic Paint

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