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JAG Labs

CAN-vas Heads Paint-ables

CAN-vas Heads Paint-ables

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What have the JAG Labs team been up to? CAN-vas Heads! These two designs were done by artist Cpt_Kaoss and brought to the real world by JAG. Two sizes to choose from and 8 color options available. Paint them how you want, or keep as is, it is up to you! Each are printed on PLA non-toxic plastic with recycled materials biodegradable. 


  • "Gnar" is a Gnarley can head that wants to take a big ole bite out of you.
    • Small 4.75"x2.5"
    • Large 8.25"x4"
  • "Graff Doodles" features many charaters bursting off the can and coming at you.
    • Small 4.5x2"
    • Large 8"x4"

*Note since these are 3D printed, sometimes they will vary very slightly from the photos. Gnar is a very complicated print, it might have some minor repair marks that are easy to cover with paint, if you plan to keep the can the original color let us know and we will do our best to hide any repairs. 

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