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Empty JAG Dabber - Drip Mops .5oz - 4oz Mops

Empty JAG Dabber - Drip Mops .5oz - 4oz Mops

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Perfect Mops for JAG Oil Based Paint, MTN Street Paint and Ink, Molotow One4All, OTR and Grog refills.

Squeezable plastic bodies resemble Krink Mops but are slightly more squeezable allowing for better control.

  • Available in Three Sizes
  • 0.5oz Micro Mop (JAG Bullet) 15mm Micro Nib
  • 2oz Mop (JAG Bomb) 18mm Nib (Can be used with MTN 30ml Nib and Krink K60 Nib)
  • 4oz Mop (JAG Nuke) 24mm Nib
  • Soft Squeezable Body

Note: The Nibs for the 2oz Mop are a TIGHT fit, they will go in but you have to play with them a bit to get them to seat in. This is to ensure they don't slip out when using.

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