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GRAFFite Mining Co

GRAFFite (Graffiti Fordite) Resin Ashtrays UV Reactive

GRAFFite (Graffiti Fordite) Resin Ashtrays UV Reactive

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These GRAFFite ashtrays are the perfect gift for someone you know who loves graffiti or for yourself. Made of high quality non-yellowing crystal clear resin and using the highest quality glow pigements on the market (Stuart Semple Pigments) these ashtrays look great in your space and will be a sure conversation starter. These will glow brightly under blacklight and when you flick the lights off. Each one is handmade so expect them not to be 100% perfect. Each has rubber feet OR a cord bottom to prevent sliding off tables. Made in the US by JAG a local artist in Everett Washington

What is GRAFFite? GRAFFIte is made up of many layers of naturally accumulated spray paint. These pieces have been accumulating for 20-30 years, that’s 20+ years of history in each piece! GRAFFite is not made in a lab or a garage, it is made on the street by thousands of graffiti writers and street artists of all walks of life, young and old, alive and dead, rich and poor have contributed to making these pieces. From the kid picking up the can for the very first time to the accomplished graffiti writer or street artist that has been at this for many years everyone's art is a part of this and everybody's energy is in the layers. The paint is carefully harvested from active graffiti spots, cleaned, cut and sanded to bring out its inner beauty.

  • Note: To avoid resin burns, which are difficult to clean, do not leave buring cigarette or joint in ashtray for extended periods of time, you can set it down for a bit and/or put it out in these very well, but resin can only handle tempuratures of 300f where as a joint burns at 440f and a cigarette burns at 900f which can discolor the surface of the resin.

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