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GRAFFite Mining Co

Graffiti Fordite (GRAFFite) Wrist Watch

Graffiti Fordite (GRAFFite) Wrist Watch

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Each watch face is made with graffiti harvested from Seattle Washington area and professionally assembled with a custom wood bracelet and bezel. Each watch is one of a kind, there will never be another with the same pattern. These watches were made and assembled in Michigan and feature smooth quartz movement and a stylish frame which make these a great gift or something to hold onto. Each watch comes in a wooden watch case.

What is GRAFFite? GRAFFite a.k.a. graffiti fordite or street agate is a raw material made from graffiti paint harvested from active graffiti hotspots. The batch used in these watches is from Batch 2, Redmond "Edge" Skatepark, mined in 2018 which had an accumulation of 25 years of paint. If you painted on the free wall at the park in the past decade or so your art is possibly in these layers! 

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