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Uprok FEMALE Adapter and Male Cap Pack (22pc)

Uprok FEMALE Adapter and Male Cap Pack (22pc)

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Save your cans, and your time fumbling around for the right cap, this set makes it easy with 2 adapter types that replace all the fuss of finding the correct cap. Solving the problem that we all face, clogged and missing nozzles. 

22pc set comes with 1 Kyrlon (Uprok Grey adapter) and 1 Rust-oleum (Uprok Blue adapter), includes 20pcs of spray paint caps with a variety of spray patterns. Male caps included in package with adapters that will convert male cans to female cans. 

Compatible brands include, but are not limited to: 

- Uprok Blue Adapter Fits: Rust-Oleum Stops Rust, Rust-Oleum 2x, Rust-Oleum High Performance Enamel, Krylon Fusion, Rust-Oleum Painters Touch, Rust-Oleum American Accents

- Uprok Grey Adapter Fits: Krylon Colormaxx, Kyrlon Rust Tough, Krylon ColorMaster, Rust-Oleum Turbo, Rust-Oleum Universal, Behr, Killz, Madmaxxx

- Male Caps Fit: Ironlak, Molotow, MTN, Montana, Flame, Double A, DANG, ACME, Krink, Loop, 360, One Take, Kobra, and other European style female valves - Male caps in this set will fit these brands

- OG Rusto Fats and Boston Style Caps Fit: Female Valve Rust-Oleum Cans, Color Spot/ Color Place, Quick Color, Project Source, Glidden 

To attach adapter place the cap firmly on the adapter first so there is no gap, then place the adapter onto the male valve stem, this will be a tight fit so you may need to rotate it on the stem, the tight fit ensures no leakage and loss of pressure. 

This set has a cap for nearly every can on the market*

*Ace brand cans will not work with this pack.

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