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JAG Art Supply

JAG Markal "J" Split Marker

JAG Markal "J" Split Marker

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JAG Markal Splits are hand made in the US. Each JAG Markal J PaintStick Split is carefully sliced in two and then heat fused back together. These industrial strength markers will write on almost any surface including; greasy, wet, rusty, rough, smooth, plywood, metal, concrete, rock, glass, dirty, grassy and more. High heat tolerance ensure they will not melt in your pocket and hold firm while writing. 

Option key:

Y=Yellow, O=Orange, Blk=Black, R=Red, W=White, P=Pink, T=Teal, Gy=Grey, B=Blue, Prp=Purple, Brn=Brown, Sil=Silver, Gld=Gold, FO=Fluorescent Orange, FR=Fluorescent Red, FB=Fluorescent Blue, FG=Fluorescent Green, FP=Fluorescent Pink

Special Features:

  • Gold and Silver are Metallic!
  • Fluorescent colors glow under Blacklight!

General Features:

  • Made from the famous Markal B PaintStik

  • No Drips Solid Stick of Paint

  • Works on Metal, Plastic, Glass, Rubber, Brick, Wood, Rust

  • All weather, wet or dry!

  • Water resistant and UV Resistant

  • 11/16" Tip

  • Temp Range -50° to 150°F

  • Xylene Free, Non Toxic

  • Marker Cut AND Made in the USA
01 Sunset (Yellow/Orange)
02 Killer Bee (Yellow/Black)
03 Construction (Yellow/Grey)
04 Fire (Yellow/Red)
05 Sunny (Yellow/White)
06 Flower (Pink/Yellow)
07 Breeze (Yellow/Teal)
08 Sea (Blue/Teal)
09 Seal (Blue/Grey)
10 Charge (Blue/Orange)
11 Bruise (Blue/Black)
12 WolfPack (Teal/Purple)
13 Mint Chip (Black/Teal
14 Caution (Black/Orange)
15 Soviet (Black/Red)
16 Easy (Black/White)
17 Haunt (Black/Purple)
18 Gothic (Pink/Black)
19 Shit Storm (Brown/Black)
20 Carrottop (Orange/Teal)
21 Blood Orange (Orange/Red)
22 50/50 (Orange/White)
23 Murika (White/Red)
24 Menthol (White/Teal)
25 Chocolate (Brown/White)
26 Seattle Mint (Teal/Grey)
27 Ice Cream (Brown/Pink)
28 Rose (Red/Pink)
29 Shine (Blue/Silver)
30 Raider Dave (Black/Silver)
31 Royal (Silver/Gold)
32 The Dress (Gold/Blue)
33 Luxe (Black/Gold)
34 Gold (Gold/Yellow)
35 Cleopatra (Brown/Gold)
36 Spooky (Black/FL Orange)
37 Double Dare (FL Orange/FL Green)
38 Highlight (FL Pink/FL Orange)
39 Cyber (Black/FLGreen)
40 90's (FL Pink/FL Green)
41 Holly (FL Red/FL Green)
42 Mary Jane (FL Green/Yellow)
43 12th Man (FL Green/FL Blue)
44 TraLaLa (FL Pink/Blue)
45 Punk (Black/FL Pink)
46 Taffy (FL Pink/FL Red)
47 Darth (Black/FL Red)
48 Cloud (FL Blue/White)
49 Night (Black/FL Blue)

Note: Hold marker firmly to use, if marker comes separated it will not effect marking and can be used normally.

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