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JAG Silencer - Can Silencer

JAG Silencer - Can Silencer

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The JAG Silencer, is a new gadget that soundproofs aerosols, optimizes its operation thanks to a new, more ergonomic, and lightweight design.

Inspired by those secret missions. The JAG Silencers help keep your stealth while providing the right amount of support. 

Shake your can beforehand and slap one of these onto the side of the can to hold the ball in place so you don't give away your position. 


The neodymium magnet is just the right size to grip the mixing ball without compromising the weight of the spray. Something that could confuse the user regarding the amount of paint remaining in it. 


Does not work on glass or acrylic rattle balls. 
  • Small and ergonomic
  • Made of neodymium


Show your style! Want a custom? We can help, get your crew or name labeled on it instead of the JAG Label. Send inquires to 

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