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Krewline Stencil Cap

Krewline Stencil Cap

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These are 3D printed in Resin. This is a spray paint attachment that is a two-in-one tool that can spray thin lines & drip mop to go, without all the mess. This tool was designed with the mural, graffiti, and canvas artist in mind who is looking for that elusive fine aerosol detail in their wall and canvas pieces. You can now focus longer and harder on the artwork without the worry of dripping and splattering. The 210 cap sprays a constant 2mm to 6mm line aerosol in the color of your choice. Fits Ironlak, Montana, Belton, Flame, Kolour, and similar types of aerosol cans and Rusto and Krylon.

  • Sprays 2mm to 6mm lines
  • Sprays fine lines longer with no mess
  • Less dripping and splattering
  • 2 & 4oz/120 ml mop catch reservoir
  • Reservoir bottle turns into a drip mop
  • Easy cleaning access with Acetone. (Do not Soak in Acetone!)
  • SATX built and tested

  • 6MM comes with a 4oz mop, whereas the 2mm and 4mm come with a 2oz mop

* We suggest using grey dot, skinny’s, or level 1 caps to get the best results, so NO fat caps.

Resin: Is a smoother finish plastic but not acetone proof. This plastic has a lower tensile strength so you can’t be too rough with it. Currently this is the most cost effective plastic we can print and offer at an affordable price. Do not soak in acetone for more than 10 minutes. This tool can last a long time if you clean it after every use.

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