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Milan Kids Maxi Magic Markers

Milan Kids Maxi Magic Markers

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Each set comes with 2 magic changing markers

The color changes with a stroke of the magic fiberpen! Color in your drawing with these fiberpens, wait 5 seconds and then use the magical revealing pen to see how the colors transform. You can also write secret messages using the magical revealing pen and then paint over them using the colored fiberpens. MAXI fiberpen with a 7.5 mm Ø conical tip. Can be used to create strokes from 1 mm to 3.25 mm. The MAXI size is perfect for children. Sturdy, pressure-resistant tip. Water-based paint. It can be easily washed out of most fabrics (soak the item in cold water for an hour and then machine-wash on a cold setting). With a perforated safety cap.

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