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Molotow 127hs 2mm Marker Packs

Molotow 127hs 2mm Marker Packs

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These sets are assorted with the basic colors of the ONE4ALL 127HS markers and comes in a clear box packaging with product information on the front, back and inside.


In addition to high-quality applications in the field of art (mixed media), the markers and spray cans of the ONE4ALL acrylic paint system are ideal for designing decorative objects on almost all surfaces. Incorrect pre-treatment, unclean substrates and frequent use can lead to quality restrictions and reductions in color properties. It is generally advisable to test the paint early on on the surface to be painted, in an inconspicuous place.


Please note that absorbent, flexible and uneven surfaces are inherently less suitable for painting than smooth and non-absorbent surfaces.

  • Exchangeable 2 mm round tip
  • Acrylic-based
  • Highly pigmented, silk matte
  • for nearly all surfaces
  • highly opaque, fast drying
  • good UV resistance
  • Dilatable with water (for transparency effects) or acetone (1-3% for permanence on greasy or very smooth surfaces)
  • easy, fast & clean

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