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Molotow Dripstick 860DS Permanent Paint 10mm Mop

Molotow Dripstick 860DS Permanent Paint 10mm Mop

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The DRIPSTICK PERMANENT PAINT 860DS is the perfect tool for bigger areas and juicy drips on nearly all smooth surfaces. The squeeze marker is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Due to its unscrewable tank cap, the dripstick can easily be refilled – that does not only help the environment in the sense of the MOLOTOW™ R.E.M.™-technology, it also brings various options for mixing individual color shades.


• alcohol-based

• glossy

• opaque

• permanent

• quick-drying

• for nearly all smooth surfaces

• for indoor and outdoor use

• 13 color shades, 13 refills

• squeeze bottle

• unscrewable tank cap

• 10 mm Highflow applicator

• refillable

• exchangeable applicator

• mixable

• filling quantity: 70 ml

Made in Germany

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