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Molotow ONE4ALL 627HS 15mm

Molotow ONE4ALL 627HS 15mm

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15mm nib 627hs Molotow Markers exceed expectations! These are the best markers on the marker write on many surfaces with a clean opaque finish. 

The Molotow artist marker line consists of high-quality painting tools for all creative applications. This includes the sustainable ONE4ALL™ acrylic marker system which is the most popular and important color system as it’s suitable for nearly all surfaces.

The focus of the artist marker line is on a high opacity, as well as on the long-lasting functionality and patented technique of the marker. This technique has been used in almost all MOLOTOW™ markers.


All ONE4ALL markers are equipped with the patented capillary system, which enables constant paint distribution. Moreover, it makes a long-lasting tip exchange possible. ONE4ALL markers are built to refill and not be a disposable product.

Next to high-value applications and artworks (mixed media) the ONE4ALL acrylic color system is ideal for the design of ornamental items on nearly all surfaces. Quality restrictions and a loss of color characteristics might appear when using unclean or wrongly prepared surfaces. Generally a previous check of the color on the chosen surface at a discreet place is advisable.

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