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MTN Mute - Can Silencer

MTN Mute - Can Silencer

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The MTN MUTE, the gadget that soundproofs aerosols, optimizes its operation thanks to a new, more ergonomic, and lightweight design, a renewed aesthetic, and a more sustainable packaging.

Inspired by the classic beret that for years was used in Hardcore to dispense with bulky aerosol caps, the new MUTE features a gloss black presentation with the MTN logo in matt relief. A ring of silver letters adds the name and a quick description of the product.


The neodymium magnet is just the right size to grip the mixing ball without compromising the weight of the spray. Something that could confuse the user regarding the amount of paint remaining in it.


A recyclable cardboard packaging finishes packing the MUTE presentation with an informal and elegant air. 

The MUTE does not work on MTN Water Based 300 and Water Based 100 sprays, as the mixing ball on these sprays is made of glass. 

By the way ... don't forget to remove the MUTE from your sprays before throwing them in the recycling bin!  

  • Small and ergonomic
  • Sustainable packaging
  • Made of neodymium
  • Not compatible with the MTN Water Based family

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