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MTN Solvent and Stripper

MTN Solvent and Stripper

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The MTN PRO Paint Stripper / Remover effortlessly eliminates and cleans any type of wet or dry paint and varnish. Can be applied to different surfaces: wood, metal, stone, cement, etc. Suitable for DIY and industrial uses.

  • Pleasant Odor - Easily Applied - Chloride Free - Not Suitable for Cleaning Hands or Skin

MTN PRO Solvent (CAP CLEANER) in a 400ml spray format with multiple uses as a cleaner for small stains or splatters. Ideal as a cleaner or unclogger for nozzles, thus allowing them to be reused. Can be applied to all types of metal surfaces and the majority of plastics, rubbers, and coatings.

  • Distinctive Smell - No Dirt - Transparent - Strong Diluent Capabilities - Easy To Apply - Not Suitable For Cleaning Hands or Paint Stains on Skin
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