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OTR 007 Soultip Mini Drip Mop

OTR 007 Soultip Mini Drip Mop

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On The Run 007 Soultip Squeeeze Marker contains a high-coverage alcohol coating suitable for any surface. It dries quickly and does not contain xylene. Equipped with the 6mm Mohair "Diamond-Fiber" round nose is ideal for painting on micronized surfaces, it offers easy handling and continuous color rendering. Contains 10ml OTR.901 Soultip Paint. Prepared in Germany.

Available in 22 colors.



replaceable, durable, high-quality Mohair "Diamond-Fibre" tip

Refillable with OTR inks & paints. 

Also works with any ink, acrylic, latex & water-based paint, oil paint, wallpaper glue, etc.

. multi-surface

. all-purpose

Recap after use and get on the run!

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