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Prang Colors Pencils

Prang Colors Pencils

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Create with confidence with Prang’s colored pencils that have a delicate, rich 3.3mm core protected by real wood you will experience an unmatched smoothness in the laydown.

The intense pigments will bring your ideas and dreams to life in vivid colors easier to blend and create unique shades! They are conveniently pre-sharpened, so they are ready to use right out of the box.

AP certified non-toxic and safe for kids!

  • Smooth core delivers vivid, blendable colors and soft laydown
  • Durable pencils with long lasting core provide bright colors and resist fading
  • 3.3mm break resistant thick core holds up under pressure
  • Real wood casing ensures consistent, easy sharpening
  • High quality, backed by the Prang Promise™

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