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SPRE (Female Rusto FATS) (3-4")

SPRE (Female Rusto FATS) (3-4")

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Name dedicated to "Spre" R.I.P. Spre-male Fats are direct fit on Rustoleum brand products with thin male valve stems measuring 1/8" in diameter (3.2mm). These are SMOOTH, buttery and soft spraying. They spray medium/fat but also thin enough for possibly outlining a larger piece with curves.

Spray Type: FAT (3-4" Radius, clean and solid circular pattern)


Can Sex: MALE

Recommended Uses: filling in large areas quickly, outlining of large pieces, hand styles and flares, outlining in a pinch on larger pieces

Compatible Brands

  • Rustoleum Stops Rust
  • Rustoleum PT 2X
  • Rustoleum American Accents
  • Krylon ColorMaxx
  • American off-brands

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