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Thin Mints (Female Rusto Thins) (0.75-1.5")

Thin Mints (Female Rusto Thins) (0.75-1.5")

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Thin Mints are direct fit on Rustoleum brand products with thin male valve stems measuring 1/8" in diameter (3.2mm). They spray thin/medium and they're a great all around cap. A rare cap in the sense that on the stubborn male valve of most Rusto products, these allow for some semblance of control and are fun to work with and discover the exact capabilities.

Spray Type: Thin (3/4-1.5" Radius, clean and solid circular pattern)


Can Sex: MALE

Recommended Uses: outlining, tags, borders, highlights, etc.

Compatible Brands

  • Rustoleum Stops Rust
  • Rustoleum PT 2X
  • Rustoleum American Accents
  • Krylon ColorMaxx
  • American off-brands

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