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Tiny Pink

Tiny Pink Stencil Cap

Tiny Pink Stencil Cap

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Tiny Pink Stencil Cap is the ULTIMATE cap for can control. Make the finest lines on the market with less mess with this cap. Produces a 1.1mm line which is fine enough for small canvas work, or adding amazing details to any project you have going on. Achieve incredible detail with the TINYPINK stencil cap!

Our ambidextrous cap is designed with ease of use and longevity in mind. It features a built-in reservoir of 40ml or 1.35fl.oz. which can easily be accessed by a rubber plug at the bottom.

The cap as well the plug are acetone resistant. Users can dump both items in a jar of acetone after each day's use in order to loosen up built-up paint. An old toothbrush is handy to clean out any left overs (toothbrush not included).

ACETONE RESISTANT Whereas the first edition sadly had a production error causing it to go soft with long-time usage, the 1.1 is made out of polypropylene, a material known for it's resistance to the chemicals used in spraypaint and paint-dissolvents. Allowing you to clean the paint out with aceton and re-use it again and again. On top of that, it's highly recyclable.

PLUGGED BOTTOM Getting paint residue out of the original cap was a pain. The 1.1 allows you to pull the plug from the bottom, allowing you to get a cleaning tool in the TINYPINK and scrub out residue paint that didn't let go after an aceton bath, prolonging it's lifetime and maintaining reservoir capacity if maintained well.

ANTI-DRIP DESIGN Underneath the hole through which paint blasts onto your surface you'll find a slit. This slit allows for any drips of paint building up on the outside to slide into the reservoir and not onto your canvas.

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